A. Class Room Trainings



1) Road Transportation Safety

Defensive Driving Training & Two wheeler Driver safety

ISO 39001 (Road Traffic Safety Management Systems)

Working on / near Live Roads

2) Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety for Beginners

Advanced Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety for Supervisors

3) Safety in Work at Height

Safety for Tower and pole erection

Safety in construction and maintenance of Transmission Lines

Drivers for: Safe and Efficient Height work – each time / every time

4) Safety in Material Handling

Safety in Tower / pole erection, maintenance and dismantling

Load Test and certification requirements for lifting tools and tackles

Safety in selection and use of Cranes, Hydra, Man lifts & material Handling Gear

5) Warehouse & Store Safety

Material Handling safety

Fire Safety in warehouse

Drivers for: Safe & Efficient Warehousing

6) Safety Management Systems: Requirements and Importance

Safety for Top Management , Cross Functional Teams, All employees

Legal, Statutory and regulatory requirements and compliances

Auditing and Inspection – tools, techniques and requirements

7) Management Systems (End to end implementation)

Environment Management System (ISO 14001)

Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001)

ISO 39001

8) Office Safety

Visitor Management

Drivers for : Safe & Secure Offices

Ventilation, Evacuation, Fire Electrical Safety

9) Contractor Management /Competency Development

Supervisor / Electrician / Riggers / Workmen Competency development

Fitness & Trade test for Supervisor, Electrician, Riggers , welders and other trade workers.

10) Construction safety

Underground works / Tunneling safety / Night work Safety

Safety in laying Optical Fiber Cables

Safety in Piling / core drilling works

11) Emergency Preparedness & Readiness

Medical Emergency Response plan

Business continuity planning

Establishing and Implementing BCP / Emergency Response

12) Accident Investigation, root cause analysis and Reporting

13) Key to Successful EHS : TAGG (Train, Audit, Guide and Govern)

Automating Key Processes and Protocols

The real Root Cause : HSE Data Analytics and Reporting

Permit to work (PTW) : Plan, design, train, automate and implement

14) HSE in contracts

15) PPE : Selection, Use, Maintenance, storage and Disposal

Automating Key Processes and Protocols

Online Tools and Techniques for PPE Management

PPE Selection Guide

16) Fire Safety: Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

Fire Audit of Offices, Warehouses and Plants

17) Ergonomics

B. Field Trainings

C. Workshops

1)Defensive Driving,
2)Work at Height, Live Roads
3)Accident Investigation, root cause analysis and Reporting
4)Emergency Response: Mock drills
5)Ground implementation for erection, Optical fiber, construction works
6)Waste Management & Resource Conservation Program
7)Leadership Walks / Audits / Inspections

1). Risk Assessment and Mitigation (Qualitative and Quantitative)
2). HSE in contracts
3). Construction Safety – plan to win
4). Contractor HSE Management
5). Safety in Optical Fiber Construction / Underground works
6). Situation based Comprehensive Onsite and Offsite mock drills
7). Accident Investigation, root cause analysis and Reporting